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Customer Services

A key part of the culture at J D Wetherspoon is our aim to ensure that we give all of our customers the experience we can.

To help us do this, we have a head-office customer service team – on hand to support our pubs in providing this great service and also to answer any questions which our customers may have.

We also run a mystery-shopper scheme, where customers can complete a visit to our pubs and provide us with detailed feedback on their experience.

Also, unlike some of our competitors, our employees also carry out visits to our pubs to monitor our standards of service. This detailed feedback is reviewed by our pub teams to help us to maintain these high standards consistently.

A customer service co-ordinator's story

I joined J D Wetherspoon as a full-time bar associate in 2002. I then worked my way up the careers ladder and become a pub manager in 2005. In the first pub I ran, I met my partner and, since then, we have had two children which meant some time off. When my maternity leave ended, I came back to work part time. I saw the opportunity to work at head office as a part-time customer service co-ordinator, where I am able to use my 13 years' knowledge from the pubs in helping with customer complaints and supporting pubs.

Working for J D Wetherspoon is far better than any previous jobs I've had, with my colleagues being both supportive and very positive about work. There are many perks of the job to reward all staff members, helping to motivate everyone to work at their best. The company has an extensive training programme across all departments, including pub-based employment. The line managers are always willing to help and provide support in achieving my work-based goals.