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The commercial department is responsible for the selection of products and promotions in our pubs and communications via our website, in pub advertising and social media to all of our customers...

The commercial department comprises four core areas:

  • The marketing department is responsible for the communications and promotions within our pubs. Whether by traditional printed media or through digital methods, like our website/social media, it's the marketing department's role to ensure that customers are aware of all of our groovy products and promotions.
  • The food-development team ensures that our menu is fresh and innovative, giving a wide range of choice and, ultimately, the best-quality, great-value pub food.
  • The purchasing department sources the best-possible products (whether food and drink or other items, known as non-consumables) for the best-possible price, purchasing products within our environmentally responsible buying policies.
  • The distribution department is responsible for managing the performance of our logistics partners to ensure that all the products arrive to our entire estate – in full, on time and to specification – across 6,000+ deliveries every week.

Our distribution manager's story

I started my career at Wetherspoon back in 2001 as a pot-washer in the kitchen of my university town – Portsmouth. As a student, I needed flexibility with my hours and travel, which Wetherspoon was happy to accommodate. I now work in the head-office commercial team as the distribution manager, responsible for the performance of our logistics partners, as well as the management of our own dedicated distribution centre in Daventry. I am very proud of my career so far in Wetherspoon. I also have a lot of loyalty in place, as the business continues to support me and my abilities. If you are thinking of joining Wetherspoon, my advice would be to work hard… and you will be recognised and rewarded – I did.