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Since opening our first free house, in 1979, we’ve taken pride in delivering a consistent, high-quality and adaptable pub offering for customers and also a great place for staff to work.

  Our success is measured not only by the fact that the initial pub has grown to 880 pubs or that millions regularly visit our pubs every week; it’s measured not simply by the fact that we have over 30,000 staff, a steadily growing number of whom have been with us for more than 15 years; no, our success is also measured by the fact that, over our 30 years, we have won literally hundreds of national and regional awards, acknowledging excellence in all aspects of our business, from design, training, catering and retailing to recycling and employer-employee relations. Above: Caroline Walters, head of corporate affairs, and Mark English, senior maintenance manager, receiving the award for ‘Green Hero’. For the eleven consecutive year, we’ve featured in Britain’s Top 100 Employers handbook, published by The Guardian, while our training team swept the board with three top awards at the BII NITAs – the national training awards for the licensed retail industry, recognising excellence in training. We received an award from the Employers Forum on Age for ‘leading our sector’ in its area of age-positive employment; indeed, our oldest employee is the ripe young age of 90! So, whether it’s our Green Champion Award for environmental responsibility, a design award for pub conservation, our Retailers’ Retailer of The Year award or our ‘Brammy’ award for service to the British apple - we are justly proud of them all.